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Hi my name is Renee. For as long as I can remember I have been putting things in order. Going into peoples homes and silently re-arranging their furniture in my head, straightening pictures on the wall and tidying up the dining table. I was putting books in height order when playing library as a child. Matching like with like. Now I want to take this affection I have for organising and help others feel more peaceful in their home. 

I am a mum of a fabulous little boy! He is the light of my life and makes me laugh every single day. He also loves to organise unfortunately it seems he mostly does this at the shop not his room. We'll get there! Originally from America I have lived in Australia for over 11 years now.  I love it here and feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

 I am excited to take on this new adventure in organising after years of working in an office. I offer my skills and passion at affordable prices on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Out of area may be a bit extra but it can happen. Leave the worry and stress out of the equation by working with me. I have a true passion for organising! I have recently become quite interested in minimalism and what that means for us, our kids and most importantly Mother Earth. I love to share tips on how you can make a difference. My ever evolving journey started over 30 years ago! I continue to learn and refine! 


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Areas Of Service and Fees

I help you organise your life by organising your home space.


Home Space

Anywhere in your Home

 I can organise the smallest space in your home or your entire home. Providing feedback and tips along the way. I can do a little or a lot. I specialise in working with small spaces such as a granny flat or perhaps a share house or a small unit. Ask me and I can help. If I can't I will find someone who can! 



A downsize space clean is making your home easier for you and your loved ones when that time comes or simply moving from the 3 bed 2 bath to a fantastic unit on the beach. If you always wanted your niece to have that lovely pearl necklace then give it to her now. You will both be able to enjoy it together. Making sure you have what you need and love but not receipts from 1992! Give yourself and your family the time and gift they need to  instead of worrying about your full garage.


Enough said!

I can't think of anything worse than stepping on a LEGO brick. Can you? I can expertly organise your child's plentiful collection into your own containers or those I purchase for you. YOU and your kids will have hours of creative fun once they know where all those lovely little pieces are.



I am offering at this time a free 30 minute consultation.

This will include a full assessment of your space. We will discuss how you want out your space to look and feel like. We will talk about what is important to you. You can tell me what you want done with the items that are leaving your home; sell, recycle, repurpose, donation or disposal. We will access if you need to  products to help us organise or if you will use what you already have. I will be respectful of you, your home and precious belongings while still getting your home in order!

Hourly rate of $35 per hour and 

should you require additional storage items for your home I can source and purchase for you at your cost. I can also offer customized pricing at excellent rates to suit every budget. I want to help you get organisedSimple!